It all started with a trip to Scandinavian land, where for the first time we realized the goodness and value of Super Foods. In particular we were hit by Chia seeds, a food so small and delicate but so pleasant and rich in nutrients that we could not do without them. So when we returned home we began to sprinkle any chia food: soups, salads, baked goods, but above all yoghurts. Our university and working commitments and our "wanderer" spirit made it necessary for us to always have a balanced and tasty snack on hand and soon we realized that the offer of this kind of food is limited, and forces people to turn on products with poor nutritional values.

We therefore began to conceive a snack that was not only good, but also healthy, indeed, SUPER-healthy and for this we considered it fundamental the figure of a nutritionist, who took part in this project. The search for the best suppliers had very clear and definite prerogatives: Italian milk, organic fruit, no-GMO and without the addition of preservatives or colorings. We found a wonderful dairy company that produces only dairy products derived from local milk and that guarantees a 100% natural product. Later, we searched for the best fruit compote, but it was not at all simple, because most of the compotes and purees contain aromas, preservatives or colorings. However, our perseverance was rewarded and we came across a small reality that only works with organic fruit, without adding preservatives or colorings. We tasted their products, so good and natural, combined with our yogurt.

Finally our careful research turned to Chia seeds, the undisputed protagonists: we wanted them to be of the best quality, both in nutritional and safety terms, to protect all consumers.  Proud and satisfied with the basic elements, we started their various combinations
until reaching the perfect balance between taste and health of our YOGURT + CHIA.